Bogballe Spreaders

Bogballe Spreaders

We have a M35W in stock and ready to go!

Bogballe is one of the leading worldwide manufacturers that specialises in fertiliser spreaders. Bogballe is well known for its optimal functionality and user-friendly designs that came from years of working alongside farmers worldwide.

Bogballe spreaders are well known for their precision and efficiency in distributing fertiliser, helping farmers optimise fertiliser use and improve crop yields. Bogballe spreaders have advanced technology and features to ensure accurate application and even distribution across the paddock.

Many of the key features that Bogballe hold include:

– Variable Rate Technology (VRT): Specific models are supplied with VRT capabilities, allowing the user to adjust the application based on the different needs within the paddock. This allows optimised fertiliser usage and soil conditions.

– Section control: Specific models have section control technology, which allows the automatic shutting off, of individual sections of the spreader to avoid overlapping and wastage of fertiliser.

– GPS Integration: Many spreaders can be integrated with GPS technology for precise mapping. This allows users to maintain accurate application rates and coverage across the paddock.

– Eccentric and gentle agitator: The agitator ensures and allows a constant flow of fertiliser, resulting in constant quantity. With the eccentric movements, the agitator leads the fertiliser to the outlet, which results in no blockages.

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