APACHE AS Series Wins Again!

APACHE AS Series Wins Again!

Apache Sprayers has been recognised with Highest Retained Value Award by EquipmentWatch for the FOURTH time in FIVE years.

On March 2, 2020, EquipmentWatch named Apache Sprayers, Equipment Technologies (ET), as a four-time award winner for Highest Retained Value for the Apache AS Series Sprayer. The EquipmentWatch 2020 Highest Retained Value Awards cover 50 categories of construction, lift/access, and agricultural equipment, and are powered by EquipmentWatch’s industry-leading database.

“The EquipmentWatch Awards program is the culmination of months of work by the best data analysts in the business, evaluating millions of value and cost data points,” explains Michael Quinlan, Jr., Manager of Data Structuring. “That impartial, unbiased detail reinforces the trust our customers have come to rely on from EquipmentWatch.”

EquipmentWatch calculated the Apache AS Series to retain the highest percentage of its original value after a five-year period based on the comprehensive EquipmentWatch market activity database.

“For purchasers of equipment, there is perhaps no single measurement more influential in the buying decision process,” said Garrett Schemmel, Vice President of EquipmentWatch. “The residual value of an asset will have a significant impact on leasing terms and lifetime ownership costs. Informed buyers do well to weigh value retention heavily when considering equipment acquisition.

“The Highest Retained Value Award is indicative of excellence across a manufacturing organization,” Schemmel said. “Product quality has the most obvious impact on an asset’s performance on the secondary market, but residual values are also highly impacted by brand affinity and fair original pricing. A manufacturer must excel on all three fronts to gain recognition as a Highest Retained Value Award winner.”

Dry Peat Applicator

Dry Peat Applicator

The Applicator has the capacity to hold two bags of TagTeam. Fitted with a variable speed motor , the application rate can be changed to suit your auger size. The applicator feeds out the peat with a vertical auger, fitted with agitation wires to stop bridging of the product.

The applicator is available with a stand, made to fit under auger hoppers, and swing away towards the operator for refilling. The refilling and operating positions are locked into position with friction locks.

The applicator is fitted with 6m of lead with alligator clips and a safety fuse. It is lightweight and dismantles readily, to shift from filling point to filling point.

Designed and constructed right here at Ag Spray Centre, Goondiwindi.

For more information contact John 0427 827 944 john@agspraycentre.com.au