Perfect accessory designed to provide a more accurate method of applying Dry Peat to your seed…

About the Applicator

The Flashvat Applicator has the capacity to hold two bags of TagTeam. Fitted with a variable speed motor, the application rate can be changed to suit your auger size. The applicator feeds out the peat with a vertical auger, fitted with agitation wires to stop bridging of the product.

The applicator is available with a stand, made to fit under auger hoppers and swing away towards the operator for refilling. The refilling and operating positions are locked into position with friction locks. The applicator is fitted with 6m of lead with alligator clips and a safety fuse, lightweight and easy to dismantle for ease of shifting from filling point to filling point.


Applicator with TagTeam

    • Improved nodule formation
    • Increased nitrogen fixation
    • Improved phosphate ability
    • Enhanced nutrient availability
    • Supporting root and shoot growth

TagTeam on left, Single-Action Inoculant on right.

Source: Bayer.

Features include:

Additional features include:


  • 6m long heavy-duty lead cable with alligator clips and fuse
  • Deutsch plug connectors and weatherproof control box
  • Frame detachable for easy relocation
  • Frame custom designed to fit underneath hopper
  • Swing around hopper for safe loading and replacement over grain flow
  • Metering auger with wire agitator to prevent bridging/blocking


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