Flash Vats

Keeping you in the Paddock, Spraying Efficiently.


For most spraying operations the biggest downtime is refilling the sprayer. Flash Vat has a range of chemical handlers to make this job quicker, safer and easier. The original Flash Vat was developed from the need to handle all types of chemicals, powders and granules efficiently.


Flashvats can be made in a range of sizes including 300L, 800L and the most common 180L capacity. Standard features within the chemical mixing vat include an agitation nozzle, vat rinse nozzle and drum rinse nozzle. The larger sized vats have larger agitation and suction points. The 800L vat has 2 x 1 1/4″ agitators for super quick dissolving of granules and powders.  These functions are controlled by a stainless steel manifold with taps that are in easy reach of the operator.

The chemical hopper has a drum rack that can empty 3 drums at one time. While the drums are emptying, the operator can rinse and drain the drums allowing you to handle greater volumes of chemical in a much shorter time. The vat is very compact, taking up little tray space, and is low to the ground, making it easier for the operator with minimal lifting.

The agitation nozzle will quickly dissolve powders and granules, and has a unique churning motion to mix the most difficult powders with speed.

The vat has a 1 1/2″ cone bottom outlet, to fully drain all the chemical from the vat quickly. The vat has clear graduations for easy calibration, and has a snap shut lid to keep out contaminants and allow for easy rinsing.

All Flash Vats can be mounted on forklift ready powder coated frames, fitted with a range of pumps. The vats can be custom plumbed to suit your requirements, and have a range of options, including, 3″ pumps and plumbing, venturi filling, bulk handling from shuttles, seed treatment kits, fertiliser injection kits for pivot irrigation, light kits for night work and much more.

Flashvats are made using quality Banjo fittings and best quality hoses to ensure longevity of your mixing vat. 

“It has been such a blessing in our spray operation and we have had many of the neighbours asking questions”

Sharon Burt - 2B Cropping

Flashvats can be mounted to a forklift able powder-coated frame

2″ FLASHVAT Dimensions:

L= 220cm

W= 56cm

H= 94cm

Weight= 120kg

Agitation nozzles are fitted, speeding up your mixing process when using granules and powders.

All FLASHVATS are made using quality BANJO fittings to ensure quality.

Freestanding FLASHVAT Dimensions:

L= 130cm

W= 58cm

H= 85cm

Weight= 50kg

180L Flashvat 

300L Flashvat 

400L Flashvat
800L Flashvat

Some of Our Most Recent Customised FlashVats:


At Ag Spray Centre, we also manufacture chemical mixing trailers to make your spray job easier, safer and more efficient. From 50L hoppers to semi-trailer mixing stations, we custom build the equipment to suit your needs.

Some features include:

  • 2″ – 4″ water pumps
  • Electric start pumps with battery and solar re-charge
  • LED lighting
  • chemical flow meters
  • diesel tanks with 12v pumps and hose reels
  • safety shower with eyewash an separate freshwater tank
  • removable work platforms for drop-deck and semi trailers
  • water cartage setup to suit any size
  • multi shuttle suction with rinse lines

For more information or to discuss your next custom trailer contact us today!