Bogballe Spreaders

Bogballe Spreaders

We have a M35W in stock and ready to go!

Bogballe is one of the leading worldwide manufacturers that specialises in fertiliser spreaders. Bogballe is well known for its optimal functionality and user-friendly designs that came from years of working alongside farmers worldwide.

Bogballe spreaders are well known for their precision and efficiency in distributing fertiliser, helping farmers optimise fertiliser use and improve crop yields. Bogballe spreaders have advanced technology and features to ensure accurate application and even distribution across the paddock.

Many of the key features that Bogballe hold include:

– Variable Rate Technology (VRT): Specific models are supplied with VRT capabilities, allowing the user to adjust the application based on the different needs within the paddock. This allows optimised fertiliser usage and soil conditions.

– Section control: Specific models have section control technology, which allows the automatic shutting off, of individual sections of the spreader to avoid overlapping and wastage of fertiliser.

– GPS Integration: Many spreaders can be integrated with GPS technology for precise mapping. This allows users to maintain accurate application rates and coverage across the paddock.

– Eccentric and gentle agitator: The agitator ensures and allows a constant flow of fertiliser, resulting in constant quantity. With the eccentric movements, the agitator leads the fertiliser to the outlet, which results in no blockages.

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Unlocking Precision in Agriculture with TeeJet Nozzles: A Guide to Maintenance

Unlocking Precision in Agriculture with TeeJet Nozzles: A Guide to Maintenance

Welcome to Apache Sprayers Goondiwindi, your trusted partner in agricultural equipment! In the ever-evolving world of farming technology, TeeJet nozzles stand out as essential components for achieving accurate and efficient spray applications. In this guide, we’ll delve into the importance of TeeJet nozzles, their role in optimizing your spraying operations, and most importantly, how to maintain them for peak performance.

The Significance of TeeJet Nozzles:

  1. Precision Farming Powerhouses: TeeJet nozzles are the unsung heroes of precision agriculture, allowing you to apply fertilisers, herbicides, and pesticides with unparalleled accuracy. Their ability to deliver a uniform spray pattern ensures optimal coverage and minimises wastage.
  2. Customisation for Every Crop: One size does not fit all in agriculture, and TeeJet nozzles understand that. With a variety of designs and configurations, these nozzles are tailored to meet the specific needs of different crops, helping you achieve maximum efficacy in your spraying applications.
  3. Reducing Drift and Environmental Impact: TeeJet nozzles are designed to minimise spray drift, ensuring that your valuable inputs reach their intended target. This not only improves the effectiveness of your applications but also reduces the environmental impact by avoiding off-target contamination.

Maintenance Tips for TeeJet Nozzles:

1.Regular Cleaning is Key: Over time, debris and residue can accumulate on TeeJet nozzles, affecting their performance. Regularly clean the nozzles to prevent clogging and maintain a consistent spray pattern.

2. Inspect for Wear and Tear: Check your TeeJet nozzles for signs of wear, such as cracks or distortion. Replace any damaged nozzles promptly to ensure the continued accuracy of your spraying operations.

3. Proper Storage Matters: When not in use, store TeeJet nozzles in a clean and dry environment. This prevents corrosion and ensures they are ready for action when the next spraying season arrives.

Why Ag Spray Centre Goondiwindi? For all your TeeJet nozzle needs, come in and see the friendly team. As your local supplier, they not only provide a wide range of TeeJet products but also offer expert advice on selecting the right nozzles for your specific applications. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes them the go-to destination for agricultural spray equipment in the Goondiwindi region.

In the world of precision agriculture, TeeJet nozzles play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of your spraying operations. By understanding their significance and following simple maintenance practices, you can unlock the full potential of these precision farming tools. Trust Ag Spray Centre Goondiwindi for all your TeeJet nozzle needs, and let’s cultivate success together in the fields of Goondiwindi!

Side-by-Side Spraying

Side-by-Side Spraying

We recently built a custom tray and spray unit for the Department of Agriculture’s Honda side-by-side. The design features a custom frame that holds two chemical tanks and a recirculation line on its boom. The spraying unit will be used for spraying trial crops.

We can custom design and build a range of spraying set-ups to suit your needs and operation.

We are also dealers of TransTank International (TTI) and Rapid Spray, brands that manufacture purpose-built sprayers designed for UTVs including John Deere, Polaris, CFMoto, Can-am, Honda, Kawaski, Kubota and Landboss. Sprayers come in different capacities and hose reel lengths and have optional features such as the auto-retractable reel.

A popular UTV sprayer among our clients has been a 300-litre sprayer with a 30-metre hose reel, 22 litres per minute pump and Honda GX200 motor.

TTI 300L UTV Sprayer – PUDA0300L0220H3

Drop into the store or contact us to enquire about custom spraying units or sprayers to order.

Mac Valley Field Day 2022

Mac Valley Field Day 2022

On Wednesday the 16th of March, 130 people in the agricultural industry came together for the annual MacIntyre Valley Field Day at ‘Turkey Lagoon’.

Ag Spray Centre was there displaying our Bogballe fertiliser spreader and our popular 180 litre Flashvats.

A highlight of the day was a demonstration of Swarm Farm’s autonomous sprayer. Everyone was intrigued to see the robot in action and hear from the owner, Gus McClymont, about his experience with it.

Gus said that despite a few teething issues with mapping paddocks accurately, the robot was working well and proving to be cost-effective.

The robot has innovative features including notifying the farmer when it’s running low on chemical, approaching an obstacle or when it has any faults.

The sprayer on the Swarm Farm bot was built by us at Ag Spray Centre. It has an 1800 litre capacity with a 12-metre boom. We are building more later in the year out to 18 metres.

In the afternoon, a panel-style discussion was held covering issues on employment in the agricultural industry. The speakers gave useful tips on how to get good workers and more importantly, how to keep them.

Thank you to the MacIntyre Valley Field Day Committee for organising an equally insightful and entertaining day, whilst also assimilating some of the latest ag technology around the region.

We love being in the ag industry! We value our customers and do our best to serve all their spraying needs. Be sure to visit us in store at 48 Russell Street Goondiwindi, visit our website at https://agspraycentre.com.au/ or contact us on 4671 2717